Why Hair Salon Owners?

You’ve worked hard and had success as a salon owner. And now you’re interested in taking your hair salon to the next level and someday selling your salon so you can retire comfortably and on your own timeline. So, you’re looking to tap into smart financial decision-making strategies that benefit not only your salon, but your lifestyle, and ultimately your family’s future.

So to make your life easier, I’ve created this podcast for you. I leaned into mindset and personal growth, and everything changed. I intentionally changed my environment, my network, my belief system, and things took off. And I can say with absolute certainty, if you embrace this without skepticism, be open-minded, I believe the same will happen for you. So that’s where my passion comes from, and why I started this podcast.

Brett Fellows

Brett Fellows, CFP®

I’m a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, Certified Exit Planner, and founder of Oak Capital Advisors, a fee-only financial planning firm based in Charleston, South Carolina. For over 15 years, I’ve been helping entrepreneurs grow their wealth, successfully exit their businesses, and retire on their own terms. My goal with this podcast is to do the same thing for you, with each new episode providing a new insight or action item that gets you closer to financial freedom.