4 Things You Can't Delegate as a Hair Salon Owner

E12: 4 Things You Can’t Delegate As a Hair Salon Owner

This episode is about the four things you can’t delegate as a hair salon owner.

I, too, have started up my own business and have been an entrepreneurial leader. And what I want to get into today is that if you’re a leader of your salon, you’ve got to be very, very clear about what your role is and what your role is not.

So in this episode, even if you’re just starting your salon business, you’re going to call yourself that title, whatever it is, founder or owner. Pay attention to this because you’re starting to build your salon business. The same four principles–or things you can’t delegate as a hair salon owner–are going to be important to you.

And even if you’re already in the journey of growing your salon and you have an existing team, I’m going to give you some ideas today which may make you think a little bit differently about the decisions you’ve made.

It doesn’t mean those decisions were wrong. We’re all going to make mistakes. But that said, this may make you think a little bit differently.

Episode Highlights

[03:18] Why you need to own your hair salon’s strategy.

[06:14] Prioritizing your to-do list.  

[09:18] Your hair salon’s organizational chart and structure.

[13:12] Establishing your hair salon’s culture.

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