How to Build a Hair Salon Business You Can Sell

E16: How to Build a Hair Salon Business You Can Sell

Today we’re talking about how to build a hair salon business you can sell.

Not every hair salon owner goes into business or launches their own salon with the idea of wanting to sell it. But I will say this. When you think about creating a hair salon that you can sell, it’s not always with the end game of literally selling the salon.

Build a hair salon business you can sell–even if you have no plans to sell any time soon.

There are so many other benefits along the way of building a hair salon that is sellable or has the attributes of being able to sell. So, if you stick with me—even if you have no immediate desire to think about selling your hair salon—I would argue that there are still things that could be useful here in this episode.

Episode Highlights

[02:51] A checklist for building a hair salon business you can sell one day.

[05:23] Why you shouldn’t obsess over funding.

[07:57] The philosophy behind keeping it simple.

[10:30] Creating consistent cash flow in your hair salon business.

[12:45] Keeping your financial statements clean and current.

[14:22] The importance of investing in your brand and demonstrating growth over time.

[17:58] Why you should be able to fire yourself from your hair salon business.

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