Setting Goals As a Hair Salon Owner

E31: A Different Way to Think About Goals As a Hair Salon Owner

For today’s episode, I want to talk about setting goals as a hair salon owner and why I believe it’s crucial—not only for your salon business, but also in life. Now, I realize that it’s not New Year’s Day. However, as I record this, it’s the first day of a new calendar quarter.

So I want to take you through the process that I follow every 90 days around setting goals and working out how I want to align myself personally around having some balance in my life. And I’m sure you can appreciate that because as an entrepreneur yourself, I bet that the business piece of your hair salon can become, let’s say, highly addictive.

In fact, you probably end up trying to progress things too much. Then, other areas of your life—be it your health, your fitness, or how much time you spend with your family—all of those sorts of things tend to take a backseat.

My experience has been if that starts to happen, you get out of balance. After that, it doesn’t take very long for the salon’s business side of things to go backwards as well.

That’s why goal setting to me is not an annual process. Yes, I may spend time every year reflecting and creating goals for the year. But the process I follow actually goes a bit further in terms of thinking about what I want to achieve, not just in the next three months, but over the next three years, 10 years, and even up to 25 years.

So in this episode, I’m going to share with you how I think about goals, so you, too, can strike the right balance between managing your hair salon business and living a fulfilling life.

Episode Highlights

[04:59] Why reviewing your goals every 90 days changes your relationship with time.

[09:36] How to implement Brett’s 100-quarter goal setting strategy.

[11:51] The advantage of recalibrating every 90 days when it comes to setting goals as a hair salon owner.

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