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E38: Taking Control of Your Financial Destiny with Stylist-Turned-Coach Misty Jayne Harmon

In today’s episode, I interview Misty Jayne Harmon, a hairstylist turned money and life coach whose story is sure to inspire you.

Misty Jayne’s personal journey of financial transformation began in 2015 when she and her husband realized they were $48,000 in debt despite holding down steady jobs. Inspired by Dave Ramsey, they decided to take control of their finances by setting clear financial goals and becoming more intentional about their spending. Within two years, they paid off all their debt, built an emergency fund, and bought a house in their dream neighborhood.

But Misty Jayne’s story doesn’t end there. In fact, her transition from a commission stylist to an independent stylist led her to open her own salon suite in 2018. There, she implemented a profit-first system to manage her finances and run her business debt-free.

Yet despite her financial prowess, Misty Jayne noticed a significant disconnect in the salon industry. That is, many hairstylists didn’t know how to manage their income effectively. Motivated by this realization, Misty Jayne began her journey as a money and life coach, imparting her financial wisdom to others.

Misty Jayne’s Journey From Stylist to Life and Money Coach

In this episode, Misty Jayne shares the challenges and triumphs of her evolution from hairstylist to salon suite owner to ultimately working one day a week in a booth rental salon. Moreover, she candidly discusses how the COVID-19 pandemic affected her career. Meanwhile, her savings, courtesy of the Profit First system, buffered her transition into her new venture. Today, Misty Jayne dedicates most of her time to coaching. She offers multiple avenues for others to learn from her, which include her podcast, in-person classes, speaking gigs, and one-on-one coaching sessions.

Later in the episode, we delve into Misty Jayne’s current money story. Specifically, how she’s learning to leverage debt to grow her business, and the books she’s reading to take her financial life and business to the next level. You’ll also find out why Misty Jayne’s personal definition of success involves freedom, opportunities, and financial peace.

So, whether you’re at the precipice of your own financial transformation or curious about how stylist-turned-coach Misty Jayne took control of her professional journey, you’re sure to take away several nuggets of wisdom from today’s conversation. And with that, I hope you enjoy this episode of the Unchained from the Chair podcast with Misty Jayne Harmon.

Episode Highlights

[00:06:34] The money story that got Misty Jayne Harmon and her husband into $48,000 of debt. And the steps they took to become debt-free in two years.

[00:12:21] Why becoming more intentional about their spending and setting clear money goals was crucial for Misty Jayne and her husband to take control of their financial destiny.

[00:17:26] The unexpected series of events that led to Misty Jayne becoming a life and money coach.

[00:21:56] Where hairstylists can find and learn from Misty Jayne.

[00:27:18] How Misty Jayne’s money story has evolved over time. Plus, the direction she’d like to take her business in moving forward.

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Episode 38 Transcript

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