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E40: Luxe Life: Mastering the Art of the Boutique Salon with Annie Schultz and Ashley Henneman

My guests today are Annie Schultz and Ashley Henneman, the dynamic duo behind Manitowoc, Wisconsin’s Luxe Beauty Bar, a place where anyone can walk in and know they’re in capable hands. However, Luxe Beauty Bar isn’t your typical salon experience. Annie and Ashley have built an environment that feels instantly welcoming, ensuring you walk out with Pinterest-worthy hair every time you visit.

Annie and Ashley’s story began as friends at their first salon—a friendship that quickly escalated to sisters in spirit. Five years as independent stylists in neighboring suites made them realize they wanted more. They wanted to open their own salon. Armed with their complementary strengths and shared passion, Luxe Beauty Bar was born.

Having invested a great deal in their education, Annie and Ashley have been trained under industry heavyweights like Britt Seva, Gina Bianca, Dawn Bradley, Jamie Sea, and Michelle Senor. Their collective wisdom doesn’t just end with them—it’s shared with every stylist that joins their team.

In this episode, we delve deep into the evolution of Luxe Beauty Bar, a salon that emerged from the ashes of a pandemic-stricken industry. It’s a story of transformation, of a dance hall turned art gallery turned hair salon, of savings invested and unexpected expenses, of partnership dynamics and meticulous legal planning.

We also discuss the secret to Annie and Ashley’s success and how they’ve grown from a team of four to a flourishing salon family. Their team-oriented culture, their love for education, and their adaptability have all played pivotal roles in this growth.

But that doesn’t mean Luxe Beauty Bar is trying to do it all. Instead, this unique salon is about specialization. Rather than overstretching into spa services, nails, and facials, they’ve chosen to focus on hair, their true passion.

The Beauty of a Running Boutique Salon

Later in the episode, we examine Annie and Ashley’s salon growth strategy and how they’ve managed to grow at an astounding 25% annually. They also share how they’ve turned delegation into an art form, ensuring they have the right people contributing to their vision of a boutique salon.

Lastly, we dive into the future trends Annie and Ashley anticipate in the industry, their industry role models, and their personal definitions of success. We also discuss how they envision the future of Luxe Beauty Bar and what steps they’re taking to achieve that vision.

Whether you’re a stylist looking for more or a salon owner in need of inspiration, you’re sure to appreciate Annie and Ashley’s entrepreneurial spirits and unique approach to salon ownership. With that, I hope you enjoy this episode of the Unchained from the Chair Podcast with the creative forces behind Luxe Beauty Bar, Annie Schultz and Ashley Henneman.

Episode Highlights

[07:07] The steps Annie and Ashley took to form their business partnership and create Luxe Beauty Bar.

[10:41] How Luxe Beauty Bar evolved into the thriving boutique salon business it is today.

[17:44] The technology and software Annie and Ashley leverage to systematize their business operations.

[22:01] How Luxe Beauty Bar uses social media to market their salon and stylists.

[24:26] The business decisions that have helped Annie and Ashley grow their salon 25-30% annually since it opened its doors.

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Episode 40 Transcript

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