Caylee Auge

E46: Building, Scaling, and Selling Your Salon Business with Caylee Auge

My guest today is Caylee Auge, an award-winning salon owner, business trainer, and coach focused on empowering her colleagues in the beauty industry to take charge of their businesses using easy-to-apply tools and strategies.

Beginning her journey as a salon apprentice at the young age of 15, Caylee has climbed every rung of the career ladder in the beauty sector—stylist, chair renter, and ultimately, salon owner. Indeed, her career arc is a living case study for anyone looking to grow, expand, and even sell a business in the service sector. Today, Caylee champions the significance of strong business foundations and financial fitness, which has been a cornerstone to her success.

In this riveting conversation, Caylee unfolds the financial strategies that helped her scale the walls of debt and invest in her own growth, both personally and professionally. Her fool-proof savings formula—living off 60% of your income while saving the rest—could well be the game-changer you’ve been seeking for your financial freedom. And freedom is a big theme for Caylee; she argues that financial literacy, especially for the younger generation, translates to the freedom to make choices without monetary constraints.

Later in the episode, Caylee Auge dives deep into the critical elements of her business success, including:

  • Why “knowing your numbers” like how to read a Profit & Loss statement can be a game-changer for your business.
  • The imperative need for robust systems if you want to scale your business or maintain work-life balance.
  • How team dynamics can make or break any transition phase, and why effective leadership and communication are non-negotiable skills.

Caylee also discusses her transition from salon owner to business coach, the evolution of her coaching programs, and the impactful financial health initiatives she developed for her employees, which ultimately led her to partner with giants like L’Oreal and Inspiring Champions.

But Caylee’s story hasn’t been without its low points; be sure to listen to the end as she gets candid about some of the financial hiccups and accounting blunders she’s faced along the way. In addition, Caylee shares how digital marketing emerged as an unexpected hero in her entrepreneurial journey, sending her more clients than her industry network ever did.

If you’re a salon owner grappling with operational challenges, financial literacy, or even the ongoing quest for work-life balance, this episode promises a wealth of information and actionable insights.

Caylee’s story isn’t just instructional; it’s inspirational. Meanwhile, her definition of success—freedom, choice, and financial independence—is sure to resonate with aspiring entrepreneurs and industry veterans alike. With that, I hope you enjoy this episode of the Unchained from the Chair podcast with Caylee Auge.

Episode Highlights

[04:10] The process Caylee Auge follows to help salon owners prepare to grow, expand, or sell their businesses.

[07:48] How Caylee’s financial philosophy of disciplined savings, which she developed at a young age, has allowed her to invest in her own business and achieve financial freedom.

[19:51] The strategies Caylee used to turn around her struggling salon without losing staff.

[26:01] How Caylee Auge sold her successful salon to focus on her growing interest in coaching other salon owners.

[37:15] Caylee’s coaching approach, and how it helps salon owners identify and fix breaks in their business systems.

[48:00] Why Caylee believes networking, staying adaptable, and having a supportive community is essential for personal and professional growth.

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