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E49: Finding Empowerment Through Community with Lynzie Smith

Welcome to the Unchained from the Chair podcast. I’m your host, Brett Fellows. Today we have with us the incomparable Lynzie Smith, founder of Common Wealth Collective, a haven for professionals who often feel the loneliness of solopreneurship. Lynzie’s vision is built on a simple yet powerful message: empowerment. In fact, she’s a firm believer in harnessing the power of community, education, and support to uplift and drive change, making “wealth” a common treasure accessible to everyone in the beauty realm.

Indeed, from her early days attending beauty school in Michigan to taking on the hustle and bustle of Chicago, Lynzie’s journey isn’t just awe-inspiring; it’s full of lessons for anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit. In an industry dominated by trends and fleeting beauty standards, Lynzie has emerged as a pioneer, not only for her take on beauty but also for her unique perspective on entrepreneurship.

Lynzie Smith’s Entrepreneurial Journey

In this episode, we peel back the layers on what it means to be an entrepreneur, particularly in a field as vibrant yet demanding as the beauty industry. Moreover, you’ll discover how Lynzie found her entrepreneurial spirit, the power of mentorship, and why she believes that entrepreneurship isn’t just about business – it’s an ongoing journey of self-discovery.

We also delve into the intricacies of Lynzie’s business evolution, the innovative cohort program she’s introduced, her transition from being branded as Common Wealth Collective to a recognized authority in her field, and so much more.

Lastly, Lynzie’s candid revelations on her past challenges, her view on money, and her very personal definition of success are sure to leave you inspired. So whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, building your own empire, or just passionate about the beauty industry, today’s episode promises a wealth of invaluable insights, reflections, and lessons to propel you on your journey.

With that, I hope you enjoy this episode of the Unchained from the Chair podcast with the phenomenal Lynzie Smith.

Episode Highlights

[03:46] What is Common Wealth Collective, and who is it for?

[17:46] The events that led Lynzie Smith to create what is now Common Wealth Collective.

[28:21] Lynzie describes the innovative cohort program and curriculum she created.

[34:04] Lynzie Smith shares her personal and professional vision for the next three to five years.  

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