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E50: Cultivating Resilience, Adaptability, and Leadership with Kelly Cahen

My guest today is Kelly Cahen, a nationally recognized powerhouse stylist and entrepreneur. From her humble beginnings in theater and makeup to standing tall as a seven-figure salon owner, Kelly’s story is one of passion, perseverance, and undeniable prowess.

In fact, Kelly’s professional journey began under the mentorship of her aunt and uncle at their salon, where she found her true calling as a hairstylist. This experience culminated in the establishment of her own salon in 2009—a venture that seamlessly blended the warmth of a neighborhood establishment with the excellence of a corporate-level experience. Today, 1213 Hair Salon in Richmond, Virginia, stands out not just for its modern design and top-tier customer service, but also for the sheer talent it houses.

But what makes Kelly’s story truly riveting is her unwavering spirit. From facing setbacks like losing her entire team to then rebuilding stronger than ever, to launching an educational program, Scissors Makes Cents, and her CEO Accelerator program, Kelly’s journey is about vision, adaptability, and leadership.

Kelly Cahen on the Ups and Downs of Entrepreneurship

In this episode, we delve deep into the nuances of setting robust business policies, understanding financial numbers, and the art of team trust. We also discuss the grit and determination it takes to start a business, especially without the cushion of vast savings, as well as Kelly’s philosophy on steady business growth versus rapid spurts. Then, we shift gears as Kelly shares how she transitioned into the world of business coaching – a testament to her expertise and an answer to the industry’s gap in salon management education.

However, today’s episode isn’t just about business strategies and success; it’s a reflection on personal growth, trials and tribulations faced, and the integrity required to climb the ladder. So, whether you’re an aspiring hairstylist, a seasoned salon owner, or simply intrigued by tales of personal and professional evolution, Kelly’s story promises a wealth of knowledge and inspiration.

With that, I hope you enjoy this episode of the Unchained from the Chair podcast with Kelly Cahen.

Episode Highlights

[09:32] Kelly Cahen shares how her entrepreneurial journey began and her vision for her first salon. 

[14:53] How losing her entire team forced Kelly to reimagine and rebuild her salon, which is now a seven-figure business.

[20:15] The events that led Kelly to become a small business coach for salon owners.

[29:07] How Kelly’s experience has affected the way she thinks about money and growth.

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