Pat Hogan

E51: Reimagining Beauty Business Coaching with Pat Hogan

Today, we have a guest whose journey in the beauty industry has been nothing short of fascinating. Please welcome Pat Hogan, an influential figure at Cirque Salon Studios and a trailblazer in beauty pro business coaching.

Instead of the conventional stylist-to-coach trajectory that we often see, Pat’s experiences in marketing, sales, and a strong desire to fill a crucial gap in the industry sculpted his entrance to the beauty world. It was during his collaboration with Cirque Salon Studios, where he managed their marketing for nearly seven years, that Pat identified a need among stylists transitioning into salon suite owners. Specifically, many lacked essential business skills—a void Pat was determined to fill. Combining his love for coaching—a passion rooted in his sports background—with his marketing and sales prowess, Pat established himself as a guiding light for salon suite owners.

In this episode, we dive deep into the balance Pat Hogan maintains between Cirque Salon and his business coaching role, his vision for the future, and the challenges beauty professionals face in the modern age. Additionally, Pat shares invaluable insights on business strategy, communication clarity, and the essence of accountability in the coaching relationship. Furthermore, you’ll get a sneak peek into his plans for “Beauty Pro Business Coach” and his dream of creating an educational platform reminiscent of a university setting for beauty professionals.

Whether you’re an aspiring salon suite owner, a stylist-turned-entrepreneur struggling with business strategy and implementation, or a beauty pro seeking actionable tips for success, you’re sure to find Pat’s unique story and perspective illuminating and inspiring. With that, I hope you enjoy this episode of the Unchained from the Chair podcast with Pat Hogan.

Episode Highlights

[05:46] Pat Hogan shares his views on the industry’s shift away from commission stylists toward salon suite owners.

[08:20] The gap in the industry that inspired Pat to become a business coach for beauty pros.

[15:41] Pat describes his ideal coaching client and what a typical engagement looks like.

[22:21] Where Pat sees the industry heading in the next five years.

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