Brett K. Fellows, CFP®

Helping Hair Salon Owners Plan for Retirement

Achieve Financial Independence and Exit Your Salon on Your Terms

Why Brett Fellows?

One of the biggest mistakes salon owners make is spending too much time working in their business and not enough time working on their business. 

But the truth is, you can’t build real wealth simply running a hair salon. You become wealthy by scaling and exiting it on your terms. 

If you have no idea what the end game is for you and your salon, you’ll end up working forever. However, your salon is more than just your source of income. I’m here to help you turn it into your biggest asset, so no matter what happens in the external market, your financial future is secure. 

Unchained from the Chair
About the Podcast

A Retirement Planning Podcast for Hair Salon Owners

Welcome to the Unchained From the Chair Podcast, where you go behind the scenes with host Brett Fellows, CFP®, as he explores the opportunities and challenges facing salon owners balancing business ownership with personal financial management along the path to financial freedom. Each episode is designed to give you fresh insights and actionable advice so you can take ownership of your financial future and retire on your terms.

Recent Episodes

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E52: Betting on Yourself and Pivoting Toward Passion with Jodie Brown

Brett hosts Jodie Brown, a hairstylist veteran turned podcaster, marketing agency owner, and business, branding, and marketing educator for beauty pros. Founder of Align Creative and voice behind the “Hairstylist Rising” podcast, Jodie blends her beauty industry roots with her passion for marketing, guiding professionals who often grapple with the expansive world of digital branding.

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